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Top Sedans In Grand Theft Auto

Wednesday 27 June 2018 at 12:27 am.
Sedans are well-loved in real-life as well as in virtual life.  And in the world of Grand Theft Auto, you would find quite a number of these vehicles. Meanwhile, you may check on the top picks below.

The Benefactor Schafter V12 (Armored).

Simple yet powerful and steadfast – that’s how you would define this vehicle.  This four-door luxury armored car allows it to withstand a blow from a single RPG rocket.  Although it has an average acceleration, you would appreciate its top speed.  The Schafter V12 carries 1 sticky bomb, 1 rocket launcer, 1 grenade, 1 tank shell, 1 cannon shot and around 200 rounds of the Minigun. You can find more details on Grand Theft Auto on the site gtadownload.org.

The Enus Super Diamond.

What to be seated inside a library but with much more luxury and style? Then this car must be your choice.  Super Diamond has much leather and wood inside, you’d have serenity and peace.  Car fanatics would notice its reference to Rolls-Royce Phantom.  Despite of its weight, Super Diamond has above average acceleration and substantial top speed that you could found in Grand Theft Auto world.

The Enus Cognoscenti.

This car is a four-door luxury sedan that fit the classification of a limousine.  Though it could be qualified as a glamorous car, its capability to handle missions successfully is inferior as compared with other sedans.  Its superb suspension allows its passenger to never mind the bumps. 

The Obey Tailgater.

Sophistication and Style – these are perfect descriptions of this vehicle.  Inspired by Audi A6 and A8, this car has definitely got the glam you would want.  Aside from its great physical appearance, the performance of the Tailgater is surprisingly comparable with most of the sports car.  Acceleration and top speed are both great.

The Albany Emperor.

Durability is the key word for this sedan.  Damage to resistance and low chances of roll overs are definite with the Emperor.  However, its acceleration and top speed are unsatisfactory.  Driving at high speeds is not the forte of this vehicle.