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Choosing Primera Air

Wednesday 03 January 2018 at 10:28 pm.

Primera air is an airline that has gained popularity in recent news. For people who are visiting Sweden or its adjacent countries, this airline is the option that you should take. It offers around seventy destinations and is a great option along with a great price. Learning why it is such a great advantage to choose primera air is one thing that would help you when traveling to Sweden or its adjacent countries. swedishnomad.com has various tutorials related to Swedish Travel Blog.

Cheap fare with some extra cost

First of all, primera air is one of the best choices when it comes to travelling due to its cheap fare. For flights from the UK to New York,primera air has rates as low as two hundred and seventy one euros. This fare is a round-trip fare which is a huge deal. If you only want a one-way ticket, you can pay as low as one hundred and forty nine euros. While if you are in New York, you can pay as low as one hundred and twenty one euros. At the time of writing this article, these are the rates you would pay once you travel with primera air. Extra costs are on baggage, which is around twenty five euros for a twenty three kilogram bag. Seat reservations range from twenty two to forty euros. These are the rates you can choose from and you can check once you choose to fly with primera air.

More routes to be added

Primera air is gaining popularity and only little competition is available. Only a few airlines can compete to them.At the moment of writing, Primera air has seventy destinations, but they plan to add more routes this year. This fast expanding nature of the company, along with its multiple destinations make it a solid airline for going to Sweden or any country around it.