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History of San Jose BMW Motorcycle

Tuesday 06 February 2018 at 02:31 am.

There is more to San Jose BMW motorcycle than what is right now: more than it is as a dealer of items, giver of services and parts. They used to be just a retail outlet but now they have evolved real good and that is because they did what they can in the best way possible. They started back in the 70’s around 1975 when they just became a factory dealer and then until now they are dedicated to giving the best performance all over the world by selling great items from Germany. Their focus is to give a great experience to the ones who will buy from them. Here are some things about their history that you may want to know about my review.

For BMW enthusiasts

First and foremost, their goal was to help out BMW enthusiasts in giving them services that will help them out and make them even more interested in BMW motorcycles. So they felt it their responsibility to give these enthusiasts not only the best but also some brand new items or parts to use and have a great deal with them as well.


The owner of the San Jose BMW is Chris Hodgson and he has been totally dedicated in giving it his all in managing the store as their service manager two years later after they have started back in 1975. They campaigned for the superbike which they won at the competition around 1978. It was a great honor for them and they have been more dedicated since then.


Lastly, they love modifying motorcycles and giving them brand new looks that are barely recognizable at first glance, making them much better than they used to be. This takes a lot of work and dedication in which they both excel in so it works just fine.