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How Does A MDMA Test Kit Work?

Thursday 22 February 2018 at 04:16 am.

Ecstasy is considered a highly illegal designer drug that has been making rounds in many bars, concerts, and party scenes. MDMA or Methylenedioxymethamphetamine is one of the common substances of Ecstasy is, but it is also called many street names such as:

•    Adam

•    Beans

•    Candy

•    Molly

•    Mandy

•    Rolls

•    Skittles

•    Thizz

•    X

•    XTC

Luckily, you can help arrest the spread of ecstasy through the use of drug test kits. The usual standard drug tests are not capable of detecting the presence of MDMA and other ecstasy substances. But there are test kits that specialize in detecting mdma. Many mdma test kits are not that expensive and very easy to use, now making it easier to confirm if one is tested positive or not, thereby helping address the real issue. Visit here for more interesting information about mdma test kit.

Test kits and reagents

Most of the testing kits available come in a bottle or liquid form and use different chemicals or reagents that react a certain way when they are mixed or combined with the chemical substance. The reagents testing are still considered the most accurate on the spot testing. The Marquis reagent is more popularly used in the United States particularly by law enforcement agencies in detecting the presence of opiates and amphetamine. If the Marquis reagent turns black or dark purple after around 10 seconds, there may be present of MDMA or similar substances. On the other hand, the marquis reagent may turn from pink to purple if it detects the existence of opiates or heroin.

Even after two to four days after use, drug test kits can still detect the presence of ecstasy in the body. Although in general, it will still depend on the amount of pills one has ingested, how fast or slow the body’s metabolism is, how much water have your drank or detoxification have you done to cleanse your system.