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Monday 07 May 2018 at 02:19 am.

Do you love the character and the specialness of vintage stockings?  Do these stockings leave a remarkable place in your heart?

Unmatchable in comparison to contemporary stockings, vintage stockings have exceptionally been growing in popularity in this generation. Exquisitely crafted, the quality of vintage stockings has given a luxurious feeling to all women wearing them. If you want to be flattered with the use of vintage stockings, Striped Dot is highly recommended to give you an experience of true luxury.


●With bringing back the vintage styles back into the current generation, the stockings from Striped Dot is 100% vintage nylon. This company has a strong belief that classic stocking never go out of style so all stockings available from this online store has vintage details added into them.

●With a wide selection of colors and sizes, there is no doubt that there will be a pair for you. From back seams to lace tops, there are options available for everyone regardless of what you specifically need.

●With the Striped Dot capturing the feminine classic look of all stockings in stock, the vintage stockings of this popular online company are suitable to be worn by all women all day. Vintage stockings from Striped Dot can make you feel sexy and beautiful under your clothes.

●A popular online retailer of authentic 100% vintage stockings, the stockings of this company are originally patterned from 1900s to 1070s designs.  Widely recommended for its quality, the Striped Dot Company has been known for its top quality of vintage stockings.

●As there are different variations of vintage stockings available in Striped Dot, you can get the natural look you want even from a century ago.  All the stocks from this company is uniquely vintage with different designs to give you the looks that you want to achieve.

Constructed with the highest attention to detail, the vintage stockings of Striped Dot will no doubt satisfy you.  Visit the website of this company to get your stocking tailored to fit you perfectly.